All proposals rejected

Hi All,

All of the recent proposals have been rejected with a no vote.

Are you able to let me know why all of them have been rejected?



Posted on discord but cross-posting here for exposure:

Please consider us a resource as you familiarize yourself with the network during the canary chain governance phase. We are happy to provide you with the guidance necessary to become an active member of the Injective community as we move forward towards the canonical chain. We aim to provide a more comprehensive postmortem for failed proposals as they occur, but we thought it made sense to provide a brief explanation for why, over the past few days, certain proposals have been rejected. In short, while community members have been proposing very interesting markets to the network (and we love to see that!), some of these markets are rather illiquid.

In this nascent stage of the network, the voting community is most focused on liquid, more traditional markets in preparation for the canonical chain. We also understand that certain market makers offered to participate in the governance forums in the coming days, as well as explain why they believe certain markets are apt at this point in time. This should provide additional clarity and comfort to the broader community with respect to the types of markets that folks can expect to see when the protocol is fully operational. Bear in mind that there are risks to making a proposal that’s potentially not well received by the greater community once the chain is canonical.

TL;DR: Markets with the most existing liquidity will more likely be well received by the greater community!

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