Eth/Usdc in spot Market

I propose Eth/USDC SPOT trading to be implemented.

  • Motivation : Eth/USDC spot is the trading pair with the second biggest trading volume with a possibility of eventually flipping BTC
  • Use cases: ETH remains the king of DEFI, addition of ETH/USDC will attract a lot of traders.
  • Differentiation: ETH/USDC is currently not listed as a trading pair
  • Implementation: Chainlink or Band Protocol can be used for price feeds.
  • Risk* Ethereum is trying to transition from proof of work to proof of stake. Should anything go wrong with this process that may have a negative effect on the price of Eth.

Proposal #5 wETH/USDC has passed voting stage and will now become officially available on the DEX as one of the first trading pairs. :rocket:

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