POOL/ USDC Spot Market Proposal

Summary : POOL/ USDC Spot Market Proposal: Pooltogether is the largest no-loss lottery in the cryptocurrency space as far as I know. It is a really brilliant idea. More information can be found here: https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/how-pool-together-turns-saving-money-into-a-game
It has attracted 190Mio $ deposits and distributes around 120,000$ per week in prizes,

Motivation : Since pooltogether is very decentralized project as injective is, but with completely different products, user might want to be involved in both, because they add well together, for diversification purposes.

Use cases: POOL is a governance token and at the moment undervalued when using the protocol TVL as a metric. Traders can use their earnings to buy POOL and participate in the success of the project

Differentiation: It is a decentralized project and almost only available on DEXs, but none of those DEXs offers orderbook trading. So it maybe can attract most of the whole trading volume, since the trading experience on injective protocol should be better than on traditional DEXs

Risks: I am not aware of any special risks, only the general cryptocurrency market risks, for example rapid price movements. If somebody knows a special risk for this coin, please feel free to post it.