Prop 6: INJ/USDC Spot Market Proposal

Summary: No words needed. The INJ/USDC Spot Market trading pair is a must which has to be available when the DEX is launching in a few weeks.

Appreciate any additional feedback or considerations, however, since this is very straight-forward I would suggest to propose this market as soon as possible… :slight_smile:


Agree…is this already passed?

First proposal did not go through and there was an error with the tick size. We should be able to propose the INJ/USDC market again once additional guidance is available.

@achilleas_kal @omarino when can we expect the additional documentation around proposing new markets with correct tick size?

Hey, we will upload examples in the FAQ on our dashboard in the next hour :slight_smile:

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Great, much appreciated! :+1:t3:

Hey guys, the team just voted on this proposal and we also uploaded examples for tickSizes in our FAQ at :slight_smile:

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Thank you! From the team’s perspective, would it make sense to think about an additional INJ/USDT spot market at this stage?

Anytime! Up to you, if you’d like to propose an INJ/USDT market we’ll support it. We will certainly have some markets with a variety of quote currencies like USDC and USDT in the long-term.

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Let’s go…this is basic for Injective exchange.

Voting ends in about 16 hours. Take a look at proposal #6 under Governance :slight_smile:

Prop 6 - INJ/USDC

Hey, we’ve already voted for this one :slight_smile:

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