Prop 8: LINK/USDC Spot Market Proposal

Based on the recent poll results, we launched a proposal for a LINK/USDC Spot Market (#8).

@Community: let’s work together to collect the deposit and move this proposal to the voting stage.

Results - Chainlink (LINK) Spot Market Poll

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The ticker for this market is malformed, as it should be “LINK/USDC” not “LINK?USDC”


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Thanks Albert, we’ve realized shortly after proposing the market. Would you suggest to re-submit the same pair again in a new proposal?

Yes I’d recommend that.

Do be mindful of the governance process as outlined here though, as proposals that fail to gather enough deposits will have their deposits burned. In this case, it’s perfectly reasonable to see why individuals may not want to deposit funds into a proposal that has a mistake, so just be careful next time. If Prop 8 passes the deposit stage, we should make sure it reaches voting quorum so that the deposits won’t be burned in the voting stage at least.

Injective Governance Proposal Procedure


Appreciate it! Community will make sure that it gets to the voting stage :slight_smile:

Proposal #8 was re-submitted as proposal #15 with the correct ticker this time.

@everyone, let’s work together again to fill the deposit and get this one to voting as well.