Proposal Template

Summary: share a brief description of the new market or financial product you are proposing.

Use the following sections for a longer description, or to establish product logic or rules:

  • Motivation: What is the market and what problem does it solve? Why would it attract liquidity? Why is it important to prioritize over other proposals?
  • Use cases: What are the use cases of the market? What trading/ investing strategies would it support?
  • Differentiation: How exactly is this different than the other markets we already have? Are there exchanges who offer similar markets already?
  • Implementation: Describe how would you create the financial product? ****What metric will the product track?
    • If spot market: Where is the price feed going to come from?
    • If derivative market: What is the pricing mechanism for the product? What are the possible sources of data for the price metric?
  • Risks: What are the risks unique to this market? How could pricing data manipulation occur? What are current or future concern possibilities with the way the price identifier is defined?