The WAY Forward for Mass Adoption

A key priority for us as a community is to device strategies for enhancing the mass adoption of our proposed DEX… As I see the situation, there are three options going forward.

Option 1: Listing the most traded market- This is the most obvious strategy where we need to list the pairs in various markets which are currently the most liquid and frequently traded. This makes sense since there is a large established user base coupled with higher volumes. This would lead to more trades, more fees and more burns.

Option 2: Listing unique assets which are unavailable at other platforms- This strategy is based on Eric’s comment in the recent AMA/interview where he indicates that in order to make the DEX unique and attract users, we got to offer them some assets which other CEX and DEX have failed to capture. One instance could be listing Burnt Finance exclusively on INJECTIVE DEX when time comes. Other example could be to list stocks like GME when they are hot. An obvious disadvantage of this could be that the user base and trade volumes could be potentially thin.

Option 3: A two pronged strategy where both option 1 and 2 are parallely undertaken. We start with Option 1 to introduce the most tradable markets and then using our decentralised governance introduce tokens and assets which are uniquely positioned. To me, option 3 seems more appropriate.

I am sure there are more options which I may have missed. Let’s engage to discuss and devise these strategies so that we can all mutually benefit from the growth of Injective ecosystem.