UTK/ USDC Spot Market

Summary : UTK/ USDC Spot Market, Utrust (UTK) offers different cryptocurrency payment options

Motivation : Since traders on injective protocol might may want to spend their trading earnings at a point of time UTK Token gives them benefits on the Utrust payment platforms. If a UTK Spot market is available here, it can attract people from the Utrust community and make them aware ot the injective protocol and use it for their trading. I want to create some awareness of injective protocol in the utrust community with an UTK Listing here.

Use cases: Traders can use their earnings to get UTK in order to stake it on the Utrust platform. UTK/USDC is a volatile pair, with good volume, so it can be used for scalping or swing trading strategies

Differentiation: UTK is still a small cap coin, but there is many interest in the US for the project, but it is still not listed on the big US Exchanges

Risks: I am not aware of any special risks, only the general cryptocurrency market risks, for example rapid price movements. If somebody knows a special risk for this coin, please feel free to post it.